How long are lessons and what does it include?

All lessons are 2 hours long and includes all your equipment. Our wetsuits are summer weight suits that allow us to start teaching in March to November. We use soft boards in all our beginner courses and have hard boards that can be used at the end of 5 day courses and private lessons. Bringing your own equipment is fine but we will advise on the day which is best.

How many lessons will I need?

our introduction beginner lesson is thorough and concise, fun and exhausting. It’s a good way to find out if you enjoy surfing. Most people will go on to do a 3 day course, which we advise as a minimum for those wanting to learn to surf. Our 4th and 5th lessons are very cheap and encourage people to complete our ultimate 5 day course.

What will I need?

All you need is a towel and some swimmers. We provide all equipment and can advise you if you wish to get kitted out during your holiday. The local surf shop is perfect for all your needs.

Do you have changing facilities?

Our modest beach based cabin is envied by most with a desirable location and cafe, restaurant and hire centre next door. We have suitable changing facilities and a cold beach shower. We don’t have hot showers but if we did you would never leave them!!!!

What times are your lessons?

Our lessons are based around the tide which changes every day. We have times set out and can advise you when booking when they will be. We usually run 2 lessons each day but can vary from 10am starts to 1pm starts. please bare this in mind when booking.

Do we have to book in advance?

At peak times of the year (July-Sep) we find ourselves booking very quickly. It’s not always possible to arrive at the beach and get a lesson that day. When planning your holiday we suggest booking lessons at the start to avoid disappointment.
Certain weeks are full already due to large school groups visiting